About us

The Andes our inspiration.
The bubbles and the wine our greatest motivation

MUJER ANDINA WINES is a family project making sparkling and still wines on a human scale. It was born in 2012, with the vision of creating innovative products, under a preferably organic philosophy, an environmentally sustainable vision and, of course, with high quality standards in the wine industry. We believe in the marvelous country we have, and that is why we make wines from its different terroirs, which allow us to show our country’s diversity. We are enormously motivated to reveal the new face of Chile’s wines to the world!

The majesty of

the Andes mountains

inspired the name of this project led by Andrea Jure Duarte, its founder and winemaker. MUJER ANDINA WINES represents the workers from this side of the world, having the Andean range as a reference point of rich and diverse cultures and ethnicities. It also pays tribute to the women of South America; the mothers who work hard to materialize their dreams and those of their families, and who are passionate about what they do and what they want to shape as their legacy.


We are part of MoVi Chile (Independent Winemakers Trade Movement of Chile), MUV (Wine Women Association of Chile) and we are certified by Women Owned International for being a company which human capital is mainly female, and our philosophy is to contribute by employing mostly women and thus contributing to the social development of more families.

Currently, our products are for sale both in specialized and online stores in Santiago and other regions of Chile, and in the United States, through our New York-based importer Vegan Wines (

Our wines and sparkling wines have received accolades both nationally (CAV magazine, Guía Descorchados, Guía Vinau, among others) and internationally (James Suckling, Tim Atkin, Joaquín Hidalgo, Luis Gutiérrez for the Wine Advocate, among others). In September 2020 our sparkling wine LEVITA Extra Brut vintage 2017, with 36 months of bottle-ageing, was recognized as Revelation Wine in the 2021 version of the Descorchados wine guide.

We want every single bottle to surprise our customers; each one has been carefully designed and elaborated for increasingly knowledgeable and demanding consumers who are more curious and attentive to what they consume. Each story counts, therefore, our mission is to surprise and delight them and if they come back for a second bottle, then, and only then, we will say: 

Mission Accomplished!

Our team

We are a family winery formed by a team of women and men who work together, under the same vision and philosophy, with the objective of bringing down the best sparkling wines and wines from Olympus to your table.

Our Winemaker

Andrea Jure Duarte, winemaker, and Founder Associate at MUJER ANDINA WINES, graduated as an agronomist in 2000 with a degree in Oenology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. After completing her studies and taking the Oenologist Examination in 2001 and obtaining her registration in the ANIAE (National Association of Agronomist Oenologists of Chile, Registration No. 524), she has done nothing but work for the wine industry in various places in Chile.

Additionally, she has done several vintages abroad (France, the United States) and worked for DOMEQ in Baja California, Mexico. In 2018, she obtained the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines, thus continuing her professional growth.

Once consolidated as a winemaker, after a decade of continuous work, in 2012, she gave shape to MUJER ANDINA WINES a project of sparkling wines and signature wines on a human scale, with the vision and dream of creating innovative products, under a preferably organic philosophy, sustainable with the environment and, of course, with high quality standards in the wine industry.

As MUJER ANDINA WINES has grown, it has had the support of public entities, through the awarding of projects, such as the Misión Comercial (Commercial Mission) project granted by PRO-CHILE in 2016, which allowed the company to enter the German market; the  Emprende (become an entrepreneur) project granted by SERCOTEC in 2018; the associative project with other wineries, MoVi, called Vegan Wines granted by PRO-CHILE consecutively in 2018, 2019 and 2020, which allowed it to enter the markets of Mexico and the United States. In 2020, in its path to innovate, MUJER ANDINA WINES was awarded a CORFO fund called Súmate a Innovar (join us to innovate), which the company developed throughout 2021 and that served as the foundation for the development of its latest product: LIVIANITA DE SANGRE Brut Zero, the first sparkling wine in Chile sweetened with stevia.

On the other hand, in 2019, Andrea Jure Duarte was awarded by CORFO Metropolitano in the framework of the International Women’s Day; and more recently, in March 2022, with the Mujer Power (Women’s power) award of the year, by the Seremis (Regional Ministry Secretariat) of Economy, Development and Tourism; Labor and Social Welfare; Women and Gender Equity.

At present, MUJER ANDINA WINES is a member of the trade association MoVi Chile (Independent Winemakers Trade Movement of Chile), and of the Asociación Mujeres del Vino (Wine Women Association); it is also a regional member of ANIAE (National Association of Agronomists Oenologists of Chile) for the Maipo region, and of Women Owned International, for being a company whose capital is mainly female since its philosophy is to contribute by giving more work to women and thus contribute to the social development of more families.

“There are still many goals to accomplish and one of them remains to raise the image of Chile and its wines in the world”

If you want to get in touch with Andrea, please contact her at