Tour Bubbles Lovers Tasting


CLP 25,000 per person.

CLP 15,000 children.

CLP 15,000 seniors.


1 hour and 45 minutes.


Spanish, English and French.


All year round.  Only under reservation 3 days in advance.

*Guests: minimum 6, maximum 20. For bigger groups, please contact us.

This is a great experience for bubble lovers, it will allow you to get to know our vineyard while we take a walk along our grapevine varieties’ garden, where you will learn about some of the most widely used grape varieties in the production of wine in Chile. Then, in a brief tour of the old adobe cellars and riddling racks, where we age our Traditional Method spakling wines with its lees, you will also learn about the Charmat Method, used worldwide to produce high quality sparkling wines.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a tasting in the gardens of our property, guided by our team of experts, where you will learn all about the production process, characteristics of each sparkling wine or wine, pairing tips, myths and legends about bubbles and we will answer all your questions.

We will end the tour in our sales room, where you will be able to purchase all our products, nice gifts, and souvenirs at special prices.

Guided tasting includes:

1 Cheeseboard and nuts per person

1 Glass of Levita Extra Brut

1 Glass of Ai! Brut

1 Glass of Livianita de Sangre Brut Zero

For children:

1 Juice box

1 Sandwich or a pastry

1 fruit



*Seniors (65+) pay the same price as children (It is necessary to show ID card). *In case of taking just the tour but not the wine tasting, the payment is the same as children. Wine tasting is only for those over 18 years of age. * Late passengers will be given a 10-minute waiting time. After this, the reservation will be cancelled. * In case of rain, the visit to the vineyard will be changed for a guided tasting of 5 Wines and cheese board or change of date to be agreed between the parties.

Refund Policy


*For a refund, cancellations must be made at least 72 hours in advance at or +56998241579.

* The refund will correspond to 80% of the reservation and will be made by the same means of payment within 10 working days.